Alison Reber Booking


Read This ​Before Submitting

I have my own style and approach to each piece, but to better understand if your tattoo idea coordinates with my work, I outlined the basic styles I often tattoo. These styles are not only what I enjoy most but what I do best, and I always strive to do my best with each tattoo.

I specialize in tattoos that are the following styles and combinations of the following:
Realistic rendering that relies on
outline and color- illustrative realism
or no lines and no color- black & grey realism

Expressive mark-making that relies on freeform shapes of color, with occasional 'drips' - watercolor or energetic strokes and differing boldness of line- sketchy

Intricate pattern-like design that relies on strict mathematics such as sacred geometry- geometric or organic curves that resemble henna or lace- or mehndi

I also enjoy styles and/or subject matter that relate to alchemy, femme fatales, magickmythology, anime, or my personal combination of all of the above- Voidolls.
Please refer to my portfolio if you are unsure about style. Also, some styles are not so cut & clean, so feel free to inquire even if you are unsure.

I do not tattoo anyone under the age of 18 years old.

Even with the proper paperwork and a parent/guardian sign-off, I'm sorry, I do not tattoo minors.
It is nothing personal. In my experience, this decision is best for everyone.

My hourly rate is $150 and the shop minimum is $100.
I accept both cash and debit/credit card. No checks.
I will give you a rough price estimate at the consultation. The timeframe, and therefore the price, of the tattoo has a lot to do with size, detail, style, placement, etc.. Therefore, I can give a more accurate estimate once the design is agreed upon on the appointment date.

To book an appointment, a $100 deposit is required. The deposit is nonrefundable and will be deducted from the total cost of the tattoo on the last session. If it is necessary to reschedule, you must notify me at least 48 hrs prior to the appointment to have the deposit transfer to a new date. I will have a deposit slip with this information on it for you to sign and you will be given a copy with receipt.
I do not draw up any designs prior to deposits and I do not email any designs. The tattoo design will be shown in person and will be discussed on the appointment date when you arrive.

In-person consults are always best, but IF YOU LIVE OUT OF TOWN, depending on the project, we may be able to have a phone consultation and set up an appointment from there.


Now that you've read all that info you can email to book a consultation. Please include a brief description of what you would like and where on your body it would be. Thanks!